Peyton Manning Outfit — Maybe you should consider for this year

The new NFL season just started a month or so ago and Peyton Manning has already started to dominate proceedings like he has been doing for the past decade or so. Peyton Manning is without a doubt one of the biggest attractions in NFL and is statistically one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Manning hasn’t just been able to become an icon in Indianapolis, where he played for the Indianapolis Colts for 13 seasons; he has now also become a fan-favorite at Denver after joining the team Denver Broncos in 2012. Six games into the new season, Peyton Manning has helped the team win five games with the team on track for becoming the Conference Champions and going on to play in Super Bowl XLIX. With the team doing so well and with the legendary Peyton Manning doing an extremely important role in the team’s success, it’s as good a time as any to buy one of the many Peyton Manning jerseys to show your support to the Denver Broncos in the new NFL season!

Show Your Support for the Greatest NFL Player of the Decade

It doesn’t matter if you don’t support the Denver Broncos and it doesn’t matter if you already have a 2012 or 2013 Peyton Manning jersey, what matters is that you show your support for the best NFL player of the decade-the player who you love to watch throw accurate passes time and time and time again! So, even if you aren’t the greatest supporter of Denver Broncos or even if you already have a Denver Broncos or a Peyton Manning jersey of a previous season, you should be buying the 2014 Peyton Manning  jersey to express your support for him. Whether you watch the games at the stadium or watch it live on TV with friends, you would have a great time cheering Peyton Manning with his jersey on as he goes through his pre-match routine and then passes his way through to breaking all records during the game.

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The good thing about these new Denver Broncos jerseys of Peyton Manning is that they are very comfortable and look very nice. It’s not just that people will be able to identify that you are a big Peyton Manning fan when you wear the jersey to a game or to a casual hangout; you would also feel very comfortable and cool while wearing the jersey.

The other good thing about the Peyton Manning Denver Broncos jerseys for the new season is that they are available in a wide variety of colors. So, whether you want a white jersey or a camo jersey, a black jersey or an orange jersey, you can find the color you want!

With newly styled colored jerseys like the Peyton Manning Black jersey and the Peyton Manning white jersey available in the market right now, it’s a great time to buy a Peyton Manning jersey to show your support for the best NFL player in the world this season!

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Article Summary:

This article tells the reader about Peyton Manning Black jersey for the new NFL season which has already started. It talks about the various colors and styles in which the jerseys are available.

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Fullback signing doesn’t mean Kuhn’s done

The signing of fullback Ina Liaina doesn’t necessarily mean anything relating to the status of veteran fan-favorite John Kuhn, who is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent in March.

Liaina (5-foot-11, 240) has almost no NFL experience. He was signed by the Miami Dolphins last spring as undrafted free agent from San Jose State but was released on June 13, 2013, and never went to training camp with an NFL team.

The Packers still have a decision to make about Kuhn, who will turn 32 in September. Despite limited playing time (28.1 percent of the offensive snaps), he played a key role last season in his seventh year with the Packers. He served as the primary third-down back and also helped pave the way for rookie running back Eddie Lacy to rush for 1,178 yards, a team rookie record, when the Packers weren’t in a single-back set.

“He wasn’t credited for one sack this season,” said Alex Van Pelt, who coached the Packers running backs last season. “When he was in there in protection, he was outstanding. Not only in the fact he was on the right guy but he’d often make adjustments to the offensive line when Aaron [Rodgers] was out and quarterbacks may not have been as comfortable making a certain adjustment where John would see it and go ahead and relay it to the line and get it communicated. The value right there of protecting on third downs is huge.”

Kuhn also continued his role as one of the core players on special teams. He made $2.35 million (including a $1.8 million base salary) in 2013, and it’s unclear if the Packers want to make a similar investment in what is essentially a part-time position.

The Packers have not reached out to Kuhn about a contract extension yet, but there’s still plenty of time for that to happen given that free agency doesn’t open until March 11. The Packers also brought another fullback into training camp last season, but they cut rookie Jonathan Amosa at the end of the preseason.

“You have a comfort level with John that’s huge,” Van Pelt said shortly after the season. “That would be a hole we’d have to fill.”

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Green Bay Packers 2014 Draft: A Scouting Guide for East-West Shrine Game

The Green Bay Packers definitely need to be successful in the 2014 NFL draft. They simply have too many holes on their roster to be competitive next year without an influx of talent.

One of the best ways for the Packers coaches to get a good view at prospects is to attend college all-star games. And one of the premier all-star games is the Shrine Game.

The 2014 East-West Shrine Game doesn’t involve the high-profile prospects like the Senior Bowl, but there is no doubt that the Green Bay Packers were paying attention to this week’s practices. In fact, Packers GM Ted Thompson was actually in attendance for the practices this week.

Let’s take at some positions where Green Bay needs to be concerned and some players who might be able to help improve them.

First QB

The Green Bay Packers realized just how quickly a season can turn without a solid backup quarterback during the 2013 season. You can be sure that GM Ted Thompson won’t let that happen again.

While the Packers currently have two quarterbacks signed through next season (Aaron Rodgers and Scott Tolzien), they could use another one on the depth chart. They best way for them to do that, like they’ve done in years past, is to draft a late-round quarterback.

The East-West Shrine game has a number of intriguing quarterback prospects that could be available in the later rounds. The top two quarterbacks during practices were Jimmy Garoppolo from Eastern Illinois and Jeff Mathews of Cornell according to Bleacher Report’s own Michael Schottey.

However, one name that could surprise some is former Northern Illinois quarterback Jordan Lynch. While many have talked about Lynch needing to switch positions to get into the NFL, that might not be the case anymore.

Lynch improved throughout the week to where he was displaying great touch in the final practice. He’d certainly need a ton of work, but he’d almost certainly be available in the seventh round and the Packers are one of the better teams in the league at developing quarterbacks.

Green Bay isn’t necessarily looking for a backup quarterback because that job belongs to Tolzien as of right now. However, they need someone they can groom and trust should the quarterback position get decimated by injuries again.

Second Safety

There is no doubt that safety is the biggest position of need for the Green Bay Packers heading into the offseason. In fact, starters M.D. Jennings, who is a free agent, and Morgan Burnett were so bad that Green Bay might deem it necessary to draft multiple safeties in this year’s draft.

While they’ll most certainly target a big-name safety like Alabama’s Ha’Sean Clinton-Dix or Louisville’s Calvin Pryor in the earlier rounds, they could also add a safety with high upside later in the draft. The safety from the East-West Shrine Game who fits that bill is Brock Vereen from Minnesota.

Vereen is the younger brother of Shane Vereen, a running back for the New England Patriots. Vereen is currently ranked as the No. 12 strong safety in the draft according to, but that number should rise following a solid week of practices.

He’s only 6’0″ tall, but he’s a solid 202 pounds with the ability to really lay into opponents. Vereen also possesses solid ball skills and the ability to create turnovers in both the passing and run game.

If the Packers decide that they need to draft more than one safety, don’t be surprised if Vereen turns out to be that second safety.

Third TD

Even if the Green Bay Packers re-sign Andrew Quarless or Jermichael Finley, it wouldn’t be overly surprising to see them look for another tight end in the draft who is booming with potential.

The player from the East-West Shrine Game who fits that bill is Crockett Gillmore from Colorado State. Gillmore is a big target at 6’6″ and 245 pounds with sure hands. Bleacher Report’s Michael Schottey had this to say about Gillmore:

For the East, Colorado State’s Crockett Gillmore combines a good blend of size with catching ability. Though he lacks the speed to consistently create matchup problems on seam routes, he can be a red-zone threat and took some reps out of the backfield.

An added red-zone target could only make the Packers offense more dangerous than it already is. Gillmore is currently projected to be drafted in the sixth round, according to, and if the Packers could add a sure-handed weapon like him that late in the draft, it’d almost be foolish to pass on him.

Four Defensive Line

The defensive line is another unit that was underwhelming during the 2013 season for the Green Bay Packers. They also have some big-name players who are free agents this year such as B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly.

No matter what they decide to do with those players, the Packers will almost certainly be looking to bring in some fresh talent across the defensive line through the draft. Two defensive linemen that were rather popular throughout practices were UCLA’s defensive end Cassius Marsh and Louisiana Tech’s defensive tackle Justin Ellis.

What could potentially make both players such a nice fit in Green Bay is that they each have the ability to be a disruptive force. Ellis is a behemoth of a man who fills running lanes while Marsh is an aggressive pass-rusher with good size and speed.

If the Packers could land either player in the middle rounds of the draft, they could end up becoming a contributing member to the defense early in their careers.

Five Tackle

Speaking of defensive linemen, the most impressive throughout the week was defensive tackle Bruce Gaston, Jr. from Purdue.

Bleacher Report’s Michael Schottey had this to say about Gaston, Jr.:

Bruce Gaston Jr., a defensive tackle out of Purdue, looked like a bit of a physical specimen. It isn’t often that a defensive tackle shows off his midsection during practice—that’s a total D-back move. Yet Gaston looked chiseled and moved well for a man his size. He also had a J.J. Watt-esque batted pass, which drew some cheers from the assembled crowd.

That technically doesn’t say much about what Gaston Jr. brings to the field, but an athletic defensive tackle who draws some comparisons to J.J. Watt simply cannot be a bad thing. With the Green Bay Packers extremely thin at defensive tackle, Gaston Jr. is definitely a name they should keep an eye on heading up to the draft.

Finally, there were a handful of offensive linemen who the Green Bay Packers might be interested in during the later rounds of the NFL draft to add some depth to their roster.

The most polished prospect at practice this week was Missouri offensive tackle Justin Britt. He comes from a big-time school, he’s used to playing against elite competition and he’s successful in both run and pass-blocking.

Two other names that stood out, mostly because of their size, were Montana’s Danny Kistler, Jr. and Belhaven (MS) offensive tackle Matt Hall. Kistler, Jr. is listed at 6’8″ and Hall is a massive 6’10″.

Both players would be need major work but in terms of physical assets their size is really quite impressive.

Overall, Britt, Kistler, Jr. and Hall are all viable options for Green Bay to bring in during the draft for competition and depth purposes.

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Cold-weather Will help Packers Win

Emptying out the notebook from the week that was with the Green Bay Packers heading into Sunday’s NFC wild-card playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers at Lambeau Field:

Cold-weather QB: Sunday’s game may challenge the Ice Bowl for the coldest game ever played in Green Bay, but history suggests the weather won’t bother Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Since he took over as a starter in 2008, he is 12-4 in freezing temperatures (32 degrees or below) and has the highest total QBR (73.7) out of any player who has made at least three starts in such conditions over the that time period.

Run by design: The Packers shut down the 49ers rushing attack in their Week 1 meeting at Candlestick Park, but don’t expect coach Jim Harbaugh to shy away from the run just because his team managed only 90 yards on 34 attempts in the opener. According to ESPN Stats & Information, the 49ers ran designed runs on 46.8 percent of their plays this season, the highest total in the NFL. What’s more, the 49ers use a wide variety of running plays and formations, including the read-option. “Against this team, you have to let your instincts take over because they give you a lot of different stuff,” Packers defensive line coach Mike Trgovac said. “They’re a power team, they’re an option team, they run misdirections.” At times, the 49ers bring in one or two extra offensive linemen.

No line dancing: The Packers go into the playoffs with the same five starting offensive linemen they opened the season with in San Francisco. Of the five, only right tackle Don Barclay missed any starts this season. He missed the Weeks 11-12 games against the New York Giants and Philadelphia Eagles because of a knee injury. “Any time you have five guys playing together, you don’t have to call out every call and you just know what the other guy’s doing and you build that cohesiveness with each other, it certainly helps to do that,” offensive line coach James Campen said.

Punt return possibilities: As productive as rookie Micah Hyde has been as a punt returner (he finished the regular season 5th in the NFL with a 12.3-yard average), it’s worth wondering if the Packers will go back to Randall Cobb in that role now that he has returned from his Oct. 13 fractured tibia. Cobb has two career punt returns for touchdowns. Last year’s playoff loss to the 49ers turned on a muffed punt return by Jeremy Ross. Hyde’s ball security had been perfect until he muffed a punt that the Packers recovered last Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

Final numbers: Despite not having Rodgers at quarterback for seven-plus games because of his collarbone injury, the Packers finished third in the NFL in total yards per game (400.3), seventh in rushing yards (133.5) and sixth in passing yards (266.8). Last season, the Packers were 13th, 20th and ninth in those respective categories. On defense, they finished 25th in yards allowed per game (372.3), 25th in rushing yards allowed (125.0) and 24th in passing yards allowed (247.3). Last season, they were 11th, 17th and 11th, respectively.

Wild, wild-card games: The matchup of the Packers (8-7-1) and the 49ers (12-4) is the fifth time in wild-card history that one team has had at least four fewer regular-season wins than its opponent. It may come as a surprise that in the previous four games, the team with the fewer regular-season wins has won every time. It last happened in 2011, when the Denver Broncos (8-8) beat the Pittsburgh Steelers (12-4).

Home-field history: The Packers were once unbeatable in home playoff games. From 1939-2001, they were 13-0, the longest postseason home winning streak in NFL history. Since then, they have gone 3-4 in home playoff games (including 2-2 under current coach Mike McCarthy).


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Randall Cobb Will be the key player to win 49ers again!

Mike McCarthy has a chance for a redo.

On Sept. 9, 2012, the Green Bay Packers hosted the San Francisco 49ers in the season opener at Lambeau Field and McCarthy was set to spring multi-functional offensive game-breaker Randall Cobb on an unsuspecting 49ers defense.

Still a little bit of an unknown professionally, Cobb had a history of lining up at receiver, running back and quarterback at Kentucky. McCarthy had given training camp visitors a glimpse of what Cobb might be able to do out of the backfield, but he had hoped the 49ers wouldn’t be prepared for him.

It turned out they were. As soon as Cobb broke the huddle and lined up at halfback or motioned into the position, they adjusted their defense. McCarthy later said he felt it was media reports that tipped off the 49ers about Cobb’s new role (although they undoubtedly noticed some plays he ran from there the year before).

It is now 2014 and McCarthy and his staff are preparing for their fourth meeting in two years with the 49ers. This time around Cobb’s role may be a true mystery because other than the 37 snaps he had against Chicago on Sunday — mostly as a slot receiver — there is a 10-game empty canvas for the 49ers to contemplate.

Cobb missed all that time with a broken leg suffered against Baltimore in Week 6 and in his absence the Packers shifted their offensive emphasis more toward running the ball. Behind rookie Eddie Lacy and his franchise rookie record 1,178 rushing yards and 11 touchdowns, they became far less one-dimensional.

After catching two touchdown passes in limited playing time against the Bears, Cobb is the Packers’ mystery man heading into their playoff opener against the 49ers on Sunday at Lambeau Field.

“Randall does so much for our offense,” quarterback Aaron Rodgers said Wednesday. “When he was out though, one good thing I think that came out of that though was (receiver) Jarrett Boykin’s emergence. He really stepped up and made some big plays for us and proved his value to this offense. And also we got to move Jordy (Nelson) inside and he got to show his versatility inside.

“So, bringing Randall back with the way those guys can be interchangeable at different positions definitely has a lot to offer.”

McCarthy and his coaches are taking extra time this week to prepare for the 49ers, and while Cobb’s role Sunday certainly isn’t the only reason it makes sense that Xs and Os are being drawn all over the place to figure out ways for Cobb to be a factor.

Two weeks ago, the Packers weren’t even sure Cobb would be ready for this game, but he made so much progress last week he was given the green light to play in the division-decider against the Bears. Set to play maybe a dozen or so plays, Cobb wound up with triple that and won the game with a 48-yard touchdown catch with 38 seconds left.

Now, Cobb isn’t even on the injury report, so the possibilities appear limitless.

“Randall is probably one of the most explosive players we’ve got in our game,” receiver James Jones said. “So whenever you can get him back in the offense, he can do so many different things. You can move him around in so many places, get him on different people and create some mismatches.

“So it’s huge to have him back, healthy, at 100%. Hopefully, he goes out there and makes some plays.”

The importance of Nelson blossoming as a slot receiver can’t be overestimated because it means the Packers now have two options — a big, strong one with deep speed and a short, quick one with open-field elusiveness. They can line both to one side and make it more difficult to double one; they can spread them out to help split the safeties and open up the middle; and they can use them as decoys to open things up for Lacy.

“I think we’re definitely a pretty dangerous team, just when you look at our rushing attack and when you look at our passing attack, we’re pretty balanced now,” Cobb said. “That’s something that we haven’t had around here in the past.

“Going into the playoffs, it’s going to be tough for defenses to play us, the way they’re going to approach the game as far as, are they going to try to take the pass away, or are they going to try to take the run away? So, we (pose) a pretty obvious threat I think.”

The Packers need all kinds of options because the 49ers’ fifth-ranked defense can cut an offense in half with its aggressive run play and four-man pressure ability. Opposing quarterbacks had a combined 76.4 passer rating against it and only once all year did a team that rushed for more than 100 yards manage more than 200 yards passing.

Until Week 16, the Packers were the only team that had passed for more than 300 yards against the 49ers.

In that 34-28 loss at Candlestick Park in Week 1, Nelson caught seven passes for 130 yards and a touchdown, Cobb caught seven passes for 108 yards and a touchdown and tight end Jermichael Finley caught five passes for 56 yards and a touchdown. It was one of the few times all year they had their full complement of playmakers.

Cobb lined up only once in the backfield in that game, and with Lacy around he won’t be there a lot Sunday. But putting him there and then motioning him out to a selected spot could keep the 49ers off-balance, especially in a no-huddle attack.

Because Cobb is a runner and receiver, the 49ers have to figure out how many defensive backs they want in the game and how they are going to double him. The likely absence of starting slot cornerback Carlos Rodgers adds another game-planning element for both sides.

“I think it’ll be great just to have all our weapons out there,” Nelson said. “And just be able to move around, put us in different situations. It’s a way for us to be able to move guys in and out and them not really be able to focus in on us in certain spots. So I think it’ll help us.”

Of course, the weather will play into how much Rodgers can stretch the field with his receivers, and the offensive line will factor greatly into whether Rodgers has the time to connect with his receivers. It is not a given either of those will work in the Packers’ favor.

But heading into this one, McCarthy has something he hasn’t had a lot of this season. And that’s options.  You should consider to get a new Randall Cobb women’s jersey for yourself or lover on game day!

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Starter Pack: Preparation plans change

Coach Mike McCarthy couldn’t have been happier to see his team’s NFC wild-card playoff game against the San Francisco 49ers scheduled for the late afternoon timeslot on Sunday.

McCarthy prefers to keep his team on a regular, seven-day schedule.

But that’s only the beginning of what having a full week will do for the Packers. McCarthy gave his coaching staff extra time to break down the 49ers and formulate a game plan for a team that has beaten them three times in past two seasons.

The offensive, defensive and special teams coordinators did not hold their regularly-scheduled sessions with reporters on Monday but instead will do so on Tuesday.

“We backed our schedule up by design because we want to make sure our coaching staff has a large amount of time to prepare for this game, probably a little longer than most,” McCarthy said Monday.

He altered the team’s practice schedule, too. There is no practice scheduled for Wednesday, although the players will be at the facility and likely will use the new indoor training area for a walkthrough session before resuming a regular practice schedule on Thursday and Friday.

“I think you have to be cognizant of what we’ve gone through the last four weeks,” McCarthy said. “We’ve played four playoff-type football games in cold weather. That’s part of training and being on top of where your team is. Our schedule this week will reflect that.”

As difficult as the last month of the season has been on the Packers, who were on the playoff bubble but won three of their final four to clinch the NFC North division title, there was probably no better way to simulate the intensity of the NFL postseason.

“I don’t know how we could be better prepared for playoff football than what we’ve been through the last four weeks,” McCarthy said. “I’d take our four-week experience over everything. So we’ll see what happens.”

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Rodgers, Cobb give the Packers a chance

Time and again during the Green Bay Packers’ final drive at Soldier Field on Sunday, linebacker Mike Neal had just one thought as he watched from the visitor’s sideline.

On fourth-and-1 from their own 22, when coach Mike McCarthy made the bold decision to go for it even though 4 minutes, 41 seconds still remained.

On fourth-and-1 from their 44, when McCarthy had no choice but to go for it with two minutes left.

On fourth-and-8 from the Chicago Bears’ 48-yard line, when there were potentially only 46 seconds left in their season.

Each time, Neal told himself the same thing.

“We’ve got 12,” Neal said.

He was, of course, referring to his quarterback.

For seven weeks, that was something no one on the Packers’ sideline could say. But with Aaron Rodgers making his first appearance since he fractured his left collarbone on Nov. 4, Neal’s words rang true.

Except that he forgot to add No. 18.

With receiver Randall Cobb also back in action for the first time since he fractured the tibia in his right leg on Oct. 13, the Packers had the right combination of playmakers to pull off Sunday’s 33-28 victory that gave them their third straight NFC North title and the home playoff game that goes with it.

With Rodgers and Cobb together again, the Packers look better than their 8-7-1 record that got them into the postseason for the fifth straight year. As the No. 4 seed in the NFC, they will host the fifth-seeded San Francisco 49ers in a wild-card playoff game at Lambeau Field next Sunday at 4:40 p.m. ET.

It was an unlikely 48-yard touchdown pass from Rodgers to Cobb with 38 seconds left that kept the Packers’ mercurial season alive, but that doesn’t happen if not for the first two fourth-down plays on the final drive.

All three showed just how important it was to have Rodgers back.

On the first one, he saved the play when he reminded tight end Ryan Taylor to move closer to the line of scrimmage to avoid an illegal-formation penalty. After Rodgers barely got the snap off on time, fullback John Kuhn plunged forward and got just enough to keep the drive alive.

On the second one, Rodgers hit Jordy Nelson, who had a stellar game with 10 catches for 161 yards, for a 6-yard gain.

And then there was the play that linebacker A.J. Hawk called “one of the best plays ever … in Packers history.”

Bears defensive coordinator Mel Tucker called an all-out blitz, sending seven pass-rushers after Rodgers. The Packers cleanly blocked six of them, but defensive end Julius Peppers came free to Rodgers’ left. That’s when Kuhn slid across the formation, dove at Peppers and struck just enough of him with his right shoulder to slow him down.

“I just tried to get as much of Peppers as I could,” Kuhn said.

That allowed Rodgers to step to his left, avoid Peppers’ outstretched right arm and float a rainbow to Cobb, who ran down the seam waiving his left arm to let Rodgers know that he had slipped behind the coverage.

“Oh my gosh, it was in the air for so long,” said Cobb, who caught both of Rodgers’ touchdown passes on Sunday. “I had so many thoughts going through my head — ‘You better not drop it, if you drop it they’re going to kill you, everybody. You better catch it, just catch the ball, body-catch it if you have to, do whatever you have to do’ — and I was able to make the catch.”

Whatever rust Rodgers had in the early going, when he threw a pair of first-half interceptions and otherwise played it safe by throwing a variety of short passes and even sliding much earlier than usual on his scrambles, he played like his MVP self down the stretch.

Nearly two months of frustration, waiting for his collarbone to heal and hoping to get clearance to return, came out in his emphatic celebration after Cobb found himself safely in the end zone.

It was a moment that Rodgers said will rank “right near the top” in his career.

“This has been a wild season,” said Rodgers, who completed 25 of 39 passes for 318 yards. “There’s been a lot of stuff that’s happened to get us to this point — from our comeback to get a tie [against Minnesota], to comeback in Dallas to win, a 61-yard field goal in Baltimore that gave us a little edge there over Detroit, and then everything that was today: a sack-fumble that goes for a touchdown, fourth-and-8 to win the game.”

The Packers have celebrated some meaningful wins in this stadium, including the NFC Championship Game in January 2011, but McCarthy called this one “clearly one of our finer moments in our time in Green Bay.”

Said Hawk: “That last drive our offense put together, three fourth downs including that last one, we have faith in them. We know they do crazy things like that all the time, especially Aaron, especially that last play. I think that’ll go down as one of the best plays ever, I’m sure, in Packers history. For sure.”

That’s what happens when you have No. 12.

“Need I say more?” Neal asked.  No you should to get an Aaron Rodgers Jersey for playoffs game now!

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Randall Cobb will play next game with Bears

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers may not be the only key offensive player the Green Bay Packers get back Sunday.

The team activated receiver Randall Cobb from short-term injured reserve Saturday, giving him a chance to play in the NFC North title game against the Chicago Bears.

“All Hands On Deck!!” Cobb tweeted shortly after the team released the news.

Cobb, who has been out since Oct. 13 with a knee injury, is listed as questionable (50% chance of playing) on the injury report for Sunday’s game.

He broke out with 80 catches for 954 yards and eight touchdowns in 2012 and had 29 catches for 378 yards and two scores through five games this season before getting hurt.

If he plays, Cobb would be catching passes from Rodgers, who will make his first start since breaking his collarbone in the Packers’ first meeting with the Bears on Nov. 4.

The winner of Sunday’s game at Soldier Field gets the NFC North crown and a playoff berth. The loser will be eliminated. it’s time to buy a randall cobb jersey to support your team on this week! go packers go !

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Aaron Rodgers will help the Packers to the playoffs

Aaron Rodgers just saved the Green Bay Packers’ season. He knows it. Coach Mike McCarthy knows it. Even the Bears know it.

Green Bay appeared dead in the water when Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone eight games ago. The Packers didn’t win in the next five (they tied once, so not totally defeated). Green Bay eked out wins against Atlanta (22-21) and Dallas (37-36) before losing to Pittsburgh (38-31) in Week 16.

The Bears could have killed the Packers where they stood following the Pittsburgh loss. Chicago lost 54-11 to the wildly marginal Philadelphia Eagles instead. But they didn’t, and now Green Bay has its Super Bowl-winning quarterback under center for a winner-take-all at Solider Field. Bet the NFL wishes it had its flex option back.

The Packers had to beat the Bears on the last day of the regular season to make the playoffs in 2010 as well. Green Bay snuck into the playoffs as a wild card team then. They finished as a Super Bowl champion.

The path to the Super Bowl in 2013 would be easier for Green Bay in that the Packers would start the playoffs with a home game, unlike 2010 when they played the entirety of their schedule on the road.

It isn’t that a healthy Rodgers makes the Packers world beaters. It’s that with Rodgers the Packers have a puncher’s chance and in the completely inconsistent NFC, that’s all you really need. So if you are packers fan then go to packers club shop to buy an Aaron Rodgers  jersey to support your team!

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Lucky or not , Packers still have chance

Anyone who spent any time in the Green Bay Packers’ locker room on Tuesday might have confused it for the day before Thanksgiving, not Christmas Eve.

For the players, from one end of the room to the other, couldn’t help but feeling thankful that they’re still alive for a playoff berth.

“I think it’s just simply that it comes down to Week 17, and I think if you ask all 32 teams at the beginning of the year that if they had the opportunity in the last game to play for a division title, would they take it?” Packers fullback John Kuhn said. “Everybody would say, ‘Yes.’ That’s the spot where we are.”

Things looked grim when Mike McCarthy and the Packers left the field Sunday. Not so now.
It was a different vibe two days earlier, when the Packers were sullen after their 38-31 loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday. They left that very same locker room worried that their season was over. And it would have been had the Chicago Bears beaten the Philadelphia Eagles later that night. But it wasn’t even close. The Eagles throttled the Bears 54-11, setting up Sunday’s Bears-Packers game as the NFC North championship.

It’s hard to call the Packers a lucky team this season. Not with 16 players on injured reserve. Not with their MVP quarterback sidelined since Nov. 4 with a broken collarbone. Not with their premier defensive player out for the second time with a broken thumb.

What’s lucky about any of that?

But luck – if you even believe in those sort of abstract forces – has a way of balancing itself out.

Maybe that’s the only way to explain how, despite all that has gone against them this season, their playoff hopes are in no one else’s hands but their own. Or maybe the NFC North is just that mediocre.

How else to explain how the Packers (7-7-1) can beat the Bears (8-7) on Soldier Field and win the division?

“All the scenarios that could’ve happened – us being 7-7-1 and having an opportunity to win the division and host a home playoff game, we’re truly blessed,” receiver James Jones said.

Jones was then asked if the Packers were the luckiest unlucky team in football.

“Yeah, I guess you could say that,” Jones said. “Injury-wise, we’ve been beat up. But, hey, we’ve still got a shot. You can’t ask for anything better. A championship game in Chicago, a rivalry game. There’s nothing tricky. They know you, you know them. Let’s go play.”

From a practical standpoint, however, concerns remain. It won’t be known until Thursday if quarterback Aaron Rodgers will make his long-awaited return from his broken collarbone or if receiver Randall Cobb might be activated off the temporary injured reserve list.

And the Packers aren’t getting any of their other 15 players on injured reserve back this season. They don’t expect to have four-time Pro Bowl linebacker Clay Matthews, who reinjured his broken thumb against the Steelers. Matthews missed four games after he broke it the first time on Oct. 6.

Given all that, are the Packers’ buying coach Mike McCarthy’s message that they’re just getting started?

“Yeah, we buy everything our coach says,” Jones said. “It’s one game, yeah, one game. One-game season. If you lose, you go home. It’s our playoff game, our championship game. We’ve got to win to move on. We have one game.”

In some ways, it is reminiscent to the 2010 season, when the Packers needed a Week 17 win over the Bears to get into the playoffs as a wild-card team. That team, of course, went on to win Super Bowl XLV.

“We’ve got a chance to go out and make history again,” Packers linebacker Mike Neal said. “If you look at it, it’s kind of a repeat of 2010. We needed this one to get into the playoffs. If history repeats itself, it serves us well.” It’s time to get an Eddie Lacy white jersey for this game!

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